Rick Siron

Rick Siron

“I don’t like to be tied to just one genre. I have no idea if I’ll be making the same music tomorrow or the day after.”

German DJ and producer Rick Siron loves 80s SynthPop, and 90s electronica. “I’ve been listening to live sets of the Love Parade and Mayday ever since I was 12 years old and was fascinated by that kind of music,” he says. Later on, he became a fan of trance, “Especially labels like Vandit and Armada.”

In 2006 he took his first steps into production after he got himself a MIDI sequencer. Today, “I think I might be last human on earth who doesn’t use Ableton Live,” he says. “I use Presonus Studio One
together with Maschine and get on with it quite well. I need it linear like that.”

In regards to production, “My biggest problem—one I always run into—is to find a beginning. I find it hard to build a sketch and then to build the remaining track around it. That’s one of the reasons why I find it easier to remix.” Furthermore, he states, “I try to work around these obstacles with tools such as Native Instruments Maschine which makes it much easier to find a start/intro/beginning for a musical project, because I have access to my entire Komplete (Ni Product) sound library.”

When asked to describe his work environment, he says, “I have a room just for music production. And although the furniture in this room is a random collection of pieces, I feel really comfortable.”

Rick is up-and-coming, as he’s had previous releases with noteworthy labels. “I had quite a few deals in the past!