Elliptical Sun Melodies 2023

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Embark on a journey through the highlights of the past year with Elliptical Sun Melodies’ End of the Year Compilation. This dynamic collection features tracks like Attican’s ‘Lie Machine’ to the grooves of Black Strand’s ‘Just A Little More,’ each track is a favorite of our labels releases. Feel the rhythm with Portobello’s ‘Grey Eyes’ and let David Green’s ‘Fight The Fear’ ignite your passion for music. DIPNOI feat. Andrea Rafa says ‘It’s Time To Let Go’ with their mesmerizing sounds, while Mario De Caine takes you ‘After The Sunset.’ Let the melodies of Lee Coulson’s ‘Love Me’ and Atmospherika’s ‘Baila Conmigo’ move you, and end the year on a high note with our banging compilation.