Snow Flakes x Planet Nine – Solasta

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Snow Flakes makes a triumphant return to the Elliptical Sun with his highly anticipated track ‘Solasta’, which comes as a follow-up to his successful debut release ‘Home’ in January 2024. In this second release with Elliptical Sun Melodies, Snow Flakes brings his signature style to the table once again, promising a blend of euphoric energy and intricate production.

Joining Snow Flakes on this impressive release is Planet Nine, making his label debut with ‘Solasta’. With an exciting fusion of talent and creativity, this track is set to make waves in the progressive house scene. Featuring a harmonious combination of uplifting vibes, intricate melodies, and a captivating atmosphere, ‘Solasta’ is sure to resonate with fans of the genre and beyond.

Prepare to be transported on a musical journey as ‘Solasta’ weaves its magic, offering listeners an immersive experience that is both dynamic and unforgettable. Stay tuned for the release of this remarkable track on Elliptical Sun Melodies, where Snow Flakes and Planet Nine showcase their talent and vision in perfect harmony.