Sten Gilles x MOKX – Orion (Remixes)

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Elliptical Sun Melodies proudly presents four sensational remixes of the hit from Sten Gilles & MOKX’s ‘Orion’ by the talented artists Nick Fetcher, Noah Shah, Saveprjct., and SØNDERSO. Originally released on May 3, 2024, ‘Orion’ took the electronic music scene by storm with its ethereal melodies and captivating beats.

Now, these four exceptional artists have put their creative spin on ‘Orion’, delivering remixes that breathe fresh life into the beloved track. Nick Fetcher, known for his melodic prowess, infuses his remix with emotive harmonies and uplifting energy, while Noah Shah’s version brings a deeper, more atmospheric vibe to the table.

Saveprjct, a master of groovy rhythms and infectious hooks, injects his signature style into the remix, creating a dancefloor-ready rendition that is bound to get the crowd moving. Lastly, SØNDERSO offers a unique take on ‘Orion’, blending intricate soundscapes with hypnotic rhythms to take listeners on a mesmerizing music journey.

Don’t miss your chance to explore these outstanding remixes of ‘Orion’ and immerse yourself in a diverse range of sounds and styles that showcase the talent and creativity of these esteemed artists. Whether you’re a fan of progressive house, melodic techno, or deep house, this remix package has something for everyone. Get your copy now and let the magic of ‘Orion’ transport you to new musical heights!