XlX – Make Me Fly

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‘Make Me Fly’ marks the debut release from the talented producer XIX, showcasing a seamless blend of progressive house melodies and captivating atmospheres. This melodic track effortlessly transports listeners on a musical journey filled with uplifting vibes and entrancing sounds.

The track features enchanting atmospheric vocals that add a dreamy and ethereal layer to the composition. XIX’s attention to detail shines through in the meticulously crafted melodies that ebb and flow throughout the song, creating a sense of dynamic energy and emotion.

‘Make Me Fly’ is a perfect fusion of driving beats and soothing elements, striking a balance between euphoric moments and serene interludes. With its infectious hooks and uplifting spirit, this debut release from XIX is sure to resonate with fans of progressive house and melodic electronic music. Get ready to soar to new heights as ‘Make Me Fly’ takes you on a mesmerizing sonic adventure.